‘I loved the structure of the course as it was engaging, practical and meaningful. Everything we learnt can transfer directly into my teaching environment.’ (Kate, Primary School Teacher)

‘I have to do 30 hours of professional development each year and I found this the best training I have ever attended. I also feel confident to run my own class asap.’ (Rebecca psychologist)

‘I developed a greater understanding of how yoga skills can be incorporated into many areas of teaching and learning.  Also the nature of the stresses and demands of students in our changing school environments.’ (High School Teacher)

‘I enjoyed putting together the yoga lesson plans and implementing  it as it really cemented the learning and provided me with confidence.  Great workshop thank you – I can’t wait to implement it within the preschool environment.’ (Amy, Preschool Teacher)

‘Kids Yoga Education courses are great! Practical activities and scenarios to show teachers of preschool, primary and secondary students how to manage anxiety, calm their minds, improve flexibility and concentration and lead to positive engagement in the classroom setting. The workshops are a good mix of hands on activities, discussion and demonstrations.’ (Shannon, High School Teacher and Yoga Teacher)

‘Helped me appreciate how simple yoga poses can be implemented into everyday activities, story-telling and songs.  Also how yoga breathing can be used to raise and calm energy in a room of children.’ (Lorinda, Librarian)

‘A great workshop – will be extremely useful in my school setting.  Can’t wait to try it out with the kids.’ (Karen, Primary School Teacher)

‘Having zero teaching experience I was a bit nervous about attending the course but I really felt comfortable all day and found all the learnings very accessible.  After the morning of taking in lots of information it was great to work in a group to come up with our own class, very practical’ (Kacey, Parent)

‘What a fabulous hands on course.  Easily the best course I’ve ever participated in.  I left the workshop feeling confident in my abilities to teach yoga to children.’ (High School Teacher)

‘Most helpful was breaking down the yoga moves into terms that children can relate to and understand whilst still experiencing the benefits of breathing and yoga techniques.’ (Kirsty, Primary School Teacher)

‘Loved the lesson plan template and the clear way everything was broken down. It made doing yoga with my centre kids achievable and fun.’ (Kelly, Preschool Teacher)

‘Suzanne has brought the spirit of yoga to a brand new level.  She makes it very comprehensible and transferrable to classroom teachers to practice yoga with school kids of different age groups.’ (High School Teacher)

‘I learnt so much and I have techniques I can take back and implement in my 3-5 room tomorrow.  I feel more confident in my ability house yoga as a tool to help children manage their emotions and behaviours.” (Margaret, Preschool Teacher)

“These courses are professional, well organised and very practical. I came away with a varied toolkit that allows me to confidently embed yoga in my classroom. Whether its a 1 min calming or energising exercise or it’s a full yoga class, I now have the background knowledge, skills and practice to successfully to do this.” (Amanda, Primary Teacher)

‘Amazing well-rounded course which is easy to apply in the classroom, yoga classes or daily life.”  (Ashlynn, Yoga Teacher and High School Teacher)